Monday, April 15, 2013

Muchas Muchachas (remix off Krab Day Last)

Habian muchas muchachas
en el zocalo
they were teachers from the Triqui Zone
where there's coffee and weed
where corporations want that land
this is Oaxaca, Mexico

There were cuntloads of cunts
in blue, greeen, orange, purple, red
marching in their flashy berets
there's Crystal Meth being made
under the fields, so they can buy
DVD Players, and some porn
is censored in the South
but the North eats pussy better
while making elaborate spiderwebs on acid
and Johnnyboy Wayne in chaps with pistol
merry going merrily on that merry go up and down
this is the Korean Peninsula

Old Uncle Sam in his apple pie top hat
wants you to inject with Toledo needles
and eat with Nantong Chopsticks
and, goddamn it, eat more pussy!
left, right, left, right, left, left, left, right,
left, right, right, left, (mothafucking cunt),
right, left, about face, ass up and out,
doggystyle, bukkake'd all the way to pyeongyang
rip, the paper tears, and reveals a mountain
where the poet is setting among the pines
waiting for his friends to come with bottles of wine

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Artwork by Jon Berbank
Poetry by RM Chiaia

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