Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dalikrab Day Instructions

DALIKRAB DAY INSTRUCTIONS                                                                          UPDATED:1/2019

TIP 01: Prior to Dalikrab Day (on March 31st)  bookmark, follow by email, or join the blog. That's where everything happens. Then, once things get moving join right in by pulling pieces (right click) from the blog and manipulating them (however) and posting them back to the blog with any original pieces you do as well.

The essence of Dalikrab Day is very simple. Create. Manipulate. Repeat. You create a piece of art of any kind, send (by email) that piece of art that you've just created (text, image, sound, photo etc.) to 'Dalikrab Day Blog' (on blogger, facebook, or tumblr) where potentially up to a hundred other people can snatch your piece, and re-arrange it, change it, alter it, or destroy it. They will then send it back to 'Dalikrab Day Blog' to be seen and  for someone else to do the same thing. Repeat as necessary. Its that simple.

[STEP 1. CREATE] a piece or more then one of art, text, music, video and email or blog it or both to the group or the blog as will the other participants. 

NOTE: When posting things to the blog either directly from an email. Be sure to put the title of your piece and your name because I won't know who posted it otherwise.

NOTE:  if you want to post your video but its not on youtube then email me a link to it and I will post it on the Dalikrab Day youtube channel. If you have audio to post email it to me and I will host and post on the blog asap.
[STEP 2. MANIPULATE] download another participant’s submission, as inspiration demands,  turn it into something different. Then send back around and then... 

NOTE: In the body of the email (with attachments) you  put your name and the names of those who worked on/with the piece before you. a creator chain.
[STEP 3. REPEAT] How many times you do this cycle is entirely up to you. Do it once, do it every time, the choice if yours. You just create or just manipulate. This will go on until there are consecutive days of no activity. So don't delay there may not be time later. Who knows what will happen.

[STEP 4. ENJOY] You can either enjoy the process or just watch the process unfold, the choice is yours. Artists needs audiences and audiences need entertainment. So if you are just watching the show, comment, like it, share it. Its amazing how fast things will change and explode when someone knows someones watching.

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