Friday, January 1, 2010

About Dalikrab Day

Updated: February 26 2013

The essence of Dalikrab Day is very simple. Create. Manipulate. Repeat.

[ CREATE ] a piece or more then one of art, text, music, video and email or blog it or both to the group or the blog as will the other participants. 

[ MANIPULATE ] download another participant’s submission, as inspiration demands,  turn it into something different. Then send back around and then... 

[REPEAT]. How many times you do this cycle is entirely up to you. Do it once, do it every time, the choice if yours. You just create or just manipulate or just watch which is also your choice . This will go on until there are consecutives days of no activity. So don't delay there may not be time later. Who knows what will happen.

The Inner Circles: The Inner circle are who were last years participants  who form a core  of participants who directly send each other their creations and their manipulations of the art, text, music and video traveling back and forth. The blog posting address or the  email address is included with all these postings so what ever an inncer circle is doing it shows up on the blog.

Note: make sure you remove as text from your emails except that which shows  the name of the piece and artist's credit to the image or else it will show up on the blog. 

Note: Anyone can start a inner circle just make sure you include the submission email or the regular email in each email piece you send out. Make those others if not familiar with dalikrab  day do the same. 

The Outter Circle: For those who are not in an inner circle,  don't worry  this is most participants. you can pull and post directly to the blog as well as work with all materials generated from the inner circles. 

Note: you don't just have to manipulate this years pieces or pieces that have been posted to the blog. Just give credit to the original artist / creator when you post it.

Many participants watch the blog intently so if you are hoping to have your work manipulated there is a good catch it will be but,  if it isn't don't take personally. It all works on time, talent and inspiration. If they are not all in sinc for a particular piece then it just stands on it own merit.   

Note: You are welcome to post crab, and dali related pieces that you have not created or manipulated. Just state the original creator or "found on the net" or something to that effect so it does not get credited as you work.

Also Dalikrab Day can be celebrated on or off the internet; alone or with a group. How ever you want to celebrate it is entirely up to you. If you do have a party or a performance or whatever; if you can capture it in any form of media; send it to the blog to let us know what you did or are doing or send it here so it can be added at any time.                      

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