Friday, March 1, 2019

Go Insane in 30 Days Guaranteed

The Countdown to Dalikrab Day begins now... 

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Next Word...

Touch Your Whisker.
Can You Feel Your Blister?
Uh Huh/Uh Uh/Uh Oh!

Wassssheapgoinkonaboot by Justynn Tyme

Touch your toes
Can you feel ten foes?
No / Yes

Clap your hands
Does it Sound of tinkling cans?
Yes / No

Liter to Mr. Spamster by Justynn Tyme

Barrister Stan Obi

I keep my socks and underwear in a box of fresh limes. So…No! I can't be trusted with large sums of money. I'll blow any money on pantyhose for my long legged chairs. I'll set most of it on fire with a red hot poker from two houses down. What does survive I will urinate on it and dry it in the microwave and give it little old ladies for bingo night.  However, if this meets any requirements you have, then by all means please write back with your proposal….

Sunday, April 1, 2018


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A Fissure Tupper #1 by Justynn Tyme

Ammo sung _________ Welk Ommaduck
_______ Astro-label and Feldmann Esq.
Buckluck, Binderbox, Bamm, __________


Sappauling vunderwortz says Hermin Hess
Hermin Munster and his monsterous loving
Melville, Hermin: Occupatient & Well-Meaning
____________ Earlong Woelong _________

Not Here:
Over There:

William Tell me of Bucket Shoes and Tender Eyes
Vincent Price that astrolabe in Yen and Real
__________ is where they grow Olivia de Haviland's
Pete Bolivia ______________________________
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, No.
zimm-ala-crepe' in churches and festering robes


what is left is Dada?


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after tyme Sent from my iPod

Tyme after babel

Starter Piece #2 by Justynn Tyme

Saturday, March 31, 2018

grp 362-dkd-2

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grp 362-dkd-1

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submission enclosed within the exoskeleton of chitinous goodness... redux


submission enclosed

The Weirdest Dali Yet by Michael St. Mark / London Dada

London Dada contribution to US Dada artist Justyn Tyme's legendary DaliKrab Day - 31st March 2018. Featuring " SCRUNCH ART", bespoke portrait distortion effects, conceived by Michael St. Mark in 2007

Needs Refurbishing-bashing

Krabba by babel

two delicious krab cakes by babel

Valley of The Dalikrab by babel

Starter Piece #1 by Justynn Tyme

Friday, March 30, 2018

Neroic Odyssey by Charles Rice Goff III

Emperor Dali and Salvador Dada once met to plan out a baking campaign for multitudes of krab kakes -- to eventually be served as a great gauntlet of sharp-toothed megabytes for wayfaring surfers.   It was suggested at the tyme, that Nero would be the hero of this great adventure, and sure enough, it turned out that way.   The result is presented here, with all the implications that fake news, fire, and fury carry with it -- in other words, the natural world has in no way been altered by this endeavor -- all metamorphoses only happen in our minds.

Photography, Video, Production, Soundtrack, Petting, Etc.

by Charles Rice Goff III

copyright 2018 by Taped Rugs Productions

(Goff knows that you really wanna copy this video and use it sell potato chips, so be careful how you proceed.)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dalikrab Day 2018 - just days away.

.. I am ready, m/sister holiday..are you?

Calling All Dadaists...yes you! Dalikrab Day; the never-ending holiday for creating on the crazy side of art. Whether you are seasoned nut or just putting on dada on like pants.
Come, create, manipulate, and repeat... a little or lot.
Challenge others to be weirder than you.

                               ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

Calling All Dadaists ... ja jij! Dalikrab dag; de eindeloze vakantie om op de gekke kant van de kunst te creëren. Of je nu een gekruide noot bent of gewoon een dada-op-broek aan hebt. Kom, maak, manipuleer en herhaal ... een beetje of veel. Daag anderen uit om vreemder te zijn dan jij.

で...はい、あなた! ダリクラブの日; 芸術の狂った側に作成するための終わりのない休日。 あなたは味付けのナッツかパンツのようなダダを着ているかどうか。 是非、作って、操作し、繰り返してください。 他の人たちがあなたよりも怪しいことに挑戦してください。
Chiamando tutti i dadaisti ... si tu! Dalikrab Day; la vacanza senza fine per creare sul lato pazzo dell'arte. Che tu sia un esperto nutista o che ti metti dada come pantaloni. Vieni, crea, manipola e ripeti ... un po 'o molto. Sfida gli altri a essere più strani di te.

                        ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

 Call all dadaists... Yes, you! Dali Club day; a holiday without an end to create on the crazy side of art. Whether you are in dadaab like nuts or pants. Please make it, manipulate, and repeat. Try to challenge the other people more suspicious than you.

Monday, March 27, 2017