Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meatless Mantles Of Dalikrab (ALT) Jon Lemmon

* tic tac tonic sub-a-sonic colonic
* outwardly impossible hardly hearable fix
* fruits with platelets are in danger
* Hotspot Pinkle-Socker, drawing sheep in the manger
* on and on and on and on
until his feet are almost gone
* but still his dancing is quite fab
or so says the report from the toxology lab
* snap snap snap snap snap snap snap
* there go dalikrab tap-e dancy
* allong the shore with funny nancy
* lines of lobsters
* laughing out loud
* "the speaker whose just spoken
* was very loud"
* forget your name
* then go insane
it must be the noise from the aeroplane.
* set fire to silk
* scowl at the milk
* go into a barn
* chicken choking fire alarm
* turkeys toking too
* fish fighting in rosemary stew
* turtles tussling together
* what can it all mean, I ask you????
is there forecast sunny weather?
* is this, could it be, just maybe it is
* a bottle of lager or a bottle of fizz
* what is dadalikrab day all about
* i hear you all scream out and shout
* twenty gallons of brewed galoots
* pantyhose dangling from all of her slots
* trees dangle from giant hosery
* hoes dangling from every factory
* dalikrabs dangling all from you
* their tails all black from dalikrab flu
* hey yuse, hot pink toilet paper
* where is poppycock, where is the draper
* please half nelson, the egg florentine clock
* one red one black and one white sock
* xray machine, where is yonder
* frozen words the girl going blonder
"and from the wells of paris????????
* hang Handbags and legs
* all pinned up with plastic pegs"
hey, how neat, but tell me
is this complete

see attachment attached. JOHN LEMMON ON DALICRAB DAY.

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