Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Brief History of Crabdom by Dave Collins

Did you know that crabs were the last species of animal to be named by humans? Not knowing what to call them, they were submerged deep within the collective psyche till such time that they could be confronted and recognized as an Earth life form in any manner. Before this time, they were totally unknown and unseen, their claw nippings often attributed to "spirits" or torments inflicted by "Big Scary Guy In The Sky". In the late 13th century, the KRABBE, as it was first known, was 'discovered' and promptly assigned to the ranks of lesser creatures such as slugs, worms and algae without any differentiation at all.

It wasn't until the late 17th century that the humble "Crabbe" was accepted into the animal kingdom proper,,, somewhere between the Snail and the Narwhale... even then, it eluded scrutiny and was thought to be the product of an unholy union between a spider and an oyster.

Not until 1887 did the Crab take its rightful place as a culinary delicacy, the 'Crab Cake' where it remains to this day and forever after.

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