Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Man with A Carpet (alt) Jon Lemon

a. Justynn Tyme After Jon Lemon after Justynn Tyme after
did you know, asked fred, that in order to save space, human hostages are always stacked horizontally. this is how they often become hunchback and hollow, hate holidays but are always very courteous. their core, you see, can now turn corners. it is also a little known fact that they make great game show contestants. but enough of this, continued fred, pulling back up his trousers, and lets get back to the dalicrab ... it must be done by now ...
Oh No! yelped Ted, at this rate my engine will never be fixed. then Ted said to Fred (from the end of the bed) When are you going to fix my engine? You have a lot of bloody nerve, said fred, I'm doing important work (look!) It takes a lot of effort to say hello (and goodbye) When the siding comes I'll be alone. I have a step-son (called john) and I step on him daily, and I get money for nothing, just ask my wife. and so it went, ted (or fred) had to find a way to get blood back into his butt (or at lest his shoulders).
just then a disagreeable wind (southwardly blew) creating a discharge of discouragement that distorted the funny dots that hung as stars over the heads of ted and fred. quick, shouted ted (quickly to fred) release your boom before we suffer a great setback. and so fred did. and the twirl that was a sale showed a suitable concern and with a bow billowed quite satisfactorily outwards. and so, said ted to fred, after he had licked shut his envelope, what about this dalicrab business.

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