Wednesday, April 1, 2009

X-Born Of Grandeur by justynn tyme

Do You Suffer?
Dalikrab Rejection Infection
Magna-Mushroom in Plywood Knee Hives
Abysmal Button Holes at Gritty Lands End
Try Bizmer-GX
UnCommon Denomators
Flood Gates For Weed Water Clam Diggers
Fissure Twine
Locks and Rivets
Through Windows Are More Windows
and Silver Dollars in Sand Banks
Cliffs of The Neuse
Ill-Fitting Slick Slacks
Gannet Attacks
Lummox Detinators
Trashy Trunk Full Of Truck Trash

Stolen From A Carpark
A Man Carries A Carpet
It Shags On The Grass
He is
Long-Legged and Short Handed

Don't Cross Walk
Its Dalikrab Day
Special Rules Apply
Repell and Detail
that grand Ol'
Dalikrab Smell

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