Friday, January 1, 2010

About Dalikrab Day

ABOUT DALIKRAB DAY                     UPDATED: 1/2019
Begins: March 31st                          Ends: Naturally 
                          For: Everybody; Artist / Non Artist

Dalikrab Day is rather unique holiday without limitations. It has no rules, no traditions, and no rituals. There are no goals, and there is no point or reasoning behind Dalikrab Day. It is an idea. This idea is pseudo-insanity. It's about what impulses drive the artist. It's about immersing yourself in yourself. It's about that spark within us that explodes out through art. It's not about pride or egos its about lego's dipped in chocolate. It's about standing on top of an open umbrella in a downpour.

Dalikrab Day is a
celebration of INSANITY and FUN. It's a holiday for throwing off the shackles of convention, normality and limitations. Pretending to be Salvador Dali, pretending to be insane, and in some cases pretending to be an artist. Then channeling that assumed state of mind into action / art.

Dalikrab Day is partly a tribute to Salvador Dali, his INSANITY, his PHILOSOPHY, and his AUDACITY. It also honors the fearless attitudes of the original dadaists to spoke up, spoke out through SILLINESS and SENSELESS. A celebration of BOLDNESS that we don' normally exhibit and litter the world with your artistry. Physically and digitally.

Dalikrab Day is very experimental in nature; meaning it's a holiday for everyone! Artists of any and all kind: silly or serious, wordsmith or woodworker. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to fain insane and create and/or manipulate art, the weirder and wilder the better. The NON-ARTISTS and NON-ARTISTIC ARE ESPECIALLY WELCOME and are challenged to DROP ALL LIMITATIONS and INTIMIDATIONS. Pick up the mantle of artistry and create. You can make just one piece or dozen pieces. Every piece of art is art - no matter the conviction of its creator. Then watch to see who manipulates them and into what. Let the art ego run amuck and try to inspire awe in your fellow participants but always remember that the main ingredient in Dalikrab Day is super, happy, fun time!

Dalikrab Day is truly user-friendly holiday so anything and every kind of expression is possible. Traditionally, Dalikrab Day is centered around the Dalikrab Day blog where an email address is posted that allows everyone to post directly to the blog. But you are encouraged to celebrate however you want. There is no limitation to your imagination or originality or high jinks. 

No matter how you celebrate...All we ask is that you document the celebration and share with us by post it to the blog to inspiration others.

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