Wednesday, March 31, 2010

icebergs cream sometimes howl by Robyn Field & J. D. Nelson

howls again, a ginsb. beardy krab. nile krab, hesher krab, lung mung
bean and mirth and pink sand, crumbled krab kookies w the ink of a
thousand blackberries.

oh miss krabtree, my zulu world speaks in 38 uniforms.

klingon krab, wheaty krab in wheeling, west virginny? a tent made of
leather clouds, what, a machine for grease? engine non.

mr mustard with the candlekrab in the lie berry loves snowkrab cheeks
braised in the land of dixie. but you knew that already.

perfesser plumber with the alice cooper action figure in the hologram
museum. minus mittens, a noon moon! dalikrab dixie cups and cakes.

This is not an endorsement; this is your brain metallica-lars bar.

go with caution. jee-zeus made me primrose to get my tet-nut shot
after i stepped on his nail – yep, the one that fell off the xros.

(spidermilk nantucket gobstopper pirates chanting, "hulk!") dadum is
the singular. evenly alert & microphonic owl chimes.

dad, da, dada, help me with that drinking fountain. wilma? that bee
just stung me! close to earth after you, we don't live in a barn, man.

moist towelette! buffalo perch, selah. fred's pebbles, BAH KNEE!

zulu, alors! chimichurri pantalons spoit my ap pie teeth.

u don't want no juneau krab? chirty chinnit chake?

not on your wife! we gots to chake chat churty. it is an endorsement,
fdr and churchwillmillhill and all the private kills spoke it to my
right ear in my sleep, uh huh. yessiree. bake it bake it bake it.

wakey bake w a krabkake shake!

wok wobster. down, down, down.

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