Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project 469 by blake burkhead (age 10)

Read all of the following and react to it as naturally as you are capable.  Having noted your inital reaction answer the questions which follow the following.
Francis and Sam are in love.  Their love is however misunderstood by the soceity in which they subsist.  They contine to love each other in spite of this fact.  Relevant information:  Francis is white and Sam is black.  Francis and Sam are both homosexuals.  They are also both women.  Francis is twelve.  Sam is fourty two.  They live together.  Their love is entirely non-sexual in nature.  Sam is Francis' adoptive mother.

Question 1: What do you feel?

Question 2: Are Francis and Sam deviants?  Why?

Question 3: Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Question 4: Why do you feel?

Also Question 4: Are you aroused?

Question 16: Has anyone seen my pajamas?

Question 1.5: What do you feel?  Explain.

Question 0: What is the question?

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