Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Three Lungs of Dr. Tyme by J. D. Nelson (solo)

The Three Lungs of Dr. Tyme

by J. D. Nelson



nav. purple > OHm eye (after sal. ad.) upper, up here, oar, oat, ort. OK! dadada munny, pell grant shunt, shouldn't. helen hendreex myopic, teal corduroy O.P. shorts > da. da•da. da•da•da. da•da•da•da... history lessons. whole foods death metal pockets.





salt whiffle seas hide heights uh-huh, a horseshoe krab with antlers and a vial of acid in his claw spoke to the sand and started an egg riot, naturally. stereo lungs and an american flag made of bacon: leftover garden tusks, saturn's 60+ moons, unblink the dada shrine.





glass owl, plastic krab & kansas klee & gorth water, scene rust mister risk and wrist, rasp, racks and stacks of painting of my face (catsup on paper plates) w kolorado krab nikes, picked peach. whunk a robotic voice whence, whose tusks? japan's ace (trappist)


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