Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Untitled by Robyn Field & J. D. Nelson

i think i'm home. how yellow and yeti, sleek, skritch. chris, i think there's a piece of plastic pie sitting on your lap. lappie apple, a gourmet bigmac, ronnie mcdonnie's bloody smile, trout hashing. bowtie brine dutchoven muskrat krabbies tricked down your chin the other soft pillow frog shot. voom scantily upshake my ninth, oh, golden wormhole. (jd necktie is hanging on the see sure as hell he walked on tat turd.) boulder sprouts and krab granola with brains and an old issue of aquaman, satellite cow with krab pajamas. mighty fine spice of you, galib glumb. u finished your bathwater, finely done : sans armpit freshener. cork skim, low. a violet spock, clean engine available noun for the price of a cup of coffee! not a western burroughs. sausalito william, tell me why. is it hard? they shaved and saved his brain. i should know – i'm the rice cake sponge of surgery and clock one thin wafer, a gem with yellow and heft. apples on heads are nervewrapping seances. channeling ethel merman works hella when trying those dentures on your horse feet. cough krab choke a dollar gunny the orange mouthwash of canine salvo, M*A*S*H re-runs and wintergreen flu shot, lab rats, orchid hat – now, that's a mouth! crabmites soothing the soft wet cowlick on the top of your smokey made sally come

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