Thursday, April 1, 2010

s car gogh or maybe i'm amazed by Robyn Field and J. D. Nelson

good givings, land of sighs and arrow uprooted, modem & poi eaten with fingers.


tadpoles and pools of dreams burped my spleen 38 times.


little woods, acres and glens, mystery oak and the bark is an onion or else white willow. the peas dream of catching fleece.


pooh dreams princess fireflies jeff sick still.


probe and robe, silken globe vs. air or army of goodly ink and lime stretchy, volumes.


i heard that! you called me a collard, and i sick, and i'm not going to take it anymore. hahahah. i am a network!


blue control panel, light of feeble mush and primed carbon for suits and dinner-wave registration at the boat house in the morning. i won't scold the tigers!


it's taco tuesday for rice steak. leave me bee!


blanket of charmed leather and yogurt socks dripping with the morning's news, alas, my charcoal blinking is hazardous to your elf.


stealth? health? snail lungs breathe my crumbs and heal my fallen arches.


footstone marginal island of pie and wheaty cranberry stew, lungs of heart and melba toes, plain sandwich of stylized asking, notches one and two pre-programmed.


babies live under that lily pad, behind the fishing poles under the pond. common! jump in with me!


home of swimming angels and names of clouds. average sky and warbling unknown here. leap leapt ah-hooo!


when we peek our mouths above the sea we will tell everyone how great the monsters were for treating us to lunch and stories of their plankton pilly ploffs.


walky water here on earth, the clue of beans and silent mars mackie little brain ball the hood of orion and a microscopic downbeat.


elijah cried the other night. he misses his daddy.

i caressed his tentacles. carefully manicured his 8.


his daddy misses him, too. daddy will be home soon. tell him i'm bringing him four pairs of mittens.


i tried to carry our fishing poles. but walking on water is futile. only He is able. and i sunk.


nothing is impossible. that's why i believe.


my mouth is dry. i need a diamond.

please pat me dry.


skeep aloe, a linus froth and orange smile.


happiness is a warm corn dog.

the end.

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