Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Final Informtation...

Hello Hello Dalikrab Fiends!

We’re at the nine (9) nine day mark… nine more days until its dalikrab day. Only nine days o(h) m(y) g(stars)…

For those who are new to dalikrab day this is about how it works (see p.s.). This is the simplified version #2 and maybe some you are like; I am not a dunce! I can read! Well then, I shall be the dunce today and go over details one final time until I have tenderized it and beaten it into the ground.

P.s. make sure you read to the end*. The most important bits are at the end. Trust me I know because I wrote them. Why put it at the end? I really couldn’t say but that’s where they are, so don’t miss them.

How DKD works is this:
x) You create a piece of art, music, video, text, and whatever your imagination can contrive with dalikrab day in mind. Salvador Dali and Crabs have been a popular theme over years so start there if you need to.

(Note: you can actually get those pieces ready between now and the 31st if you want/need to (or) you can wait until the day either way is fine.)

x) Then, when the 31st comes you start posting* those pieces and continue to do so until you either run out of ideas or steam or both. This is the first half.

x) The second half continues on concurrently with the first half. That half is, you will receive various original creations from everyone else, most likely not all at once. You then act on impulse; manipulating everything that inspires you to do so.

(Note: you don’t have to do both, you can either just submit original content or just manipulate original content. It also fair game to manipulate manipulations. In past years some pieces were manipulated ten times or more.)

x) Do not worry about time because dalikrab day just goes on until no more material comes in HOWEVER after five days of inactivity I declare it the end of dalikrab day. So take your time but be quick about it :)

*Now the important bit:
*There are two modes that dalikrab day plays out.

1) The email circle: everyone on this list receives emails from everyone else on the list whenever they email something. So if you can’t handle getting maybe a dozen emails or more per day then option two is for you. Participants in this email group just send emails to everyone else on the list. One of the emails in the list is the email to post on the blog so whenever an email is sent in the circle it automatically shows up on the blog (hopefully)

(note: please be sure there is not residue from the previous email in your new email because that will show on the blog too. Just start a new email and cut and paste the email list into the new recipient area. )

2) For those who do note want all the emails showing up in your inbox then you should follow the blog. A special email that allows you to post to the blog will appear on the blog on march 31st. So you can just pull pieces off the blog, manipulate them and post them back to the blog. I will do my best to repost any that fall through the cracks to the email circle.

**Now, the ultra-important bit:

Everyone who is attending dalikrab via facebook event I have added your emails to the email circle. I will send around this post to your emails as well. If this is the wrong email use let me know now….. and

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE IN THE EMAIL CIRCLE TELL ME NOW… because it is virtually impossible to remove your email from the list after dalikrab day starts. If you choose this you will be the blog group and I will give you the main email so you email your originals and manipulations to that email at the same time you post to the blog. That will make it easier for me to introduce them into the email group for further inspiration and manipulation.

(note: this may seem like a lot of information but just think, next year you won’t even have to read this email… )

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