Friday, April 1, 2011

challenge one from Laura Grey-Reece Burkhead

what manifestations can be derived from these titles -
a challenge from Laura Grey-Reece Burkhead 

The Tittacular Tidification of Tevora Tegrumms
by Torvold the Tubulous
Snorglefoo Marp Geweeen
By Neeweg Parm Oofelgrons
Have Sheep will Travel
By Scotty McScottinstien
The Grinning Platypus (Or How to confuse your creations)
By G.O.D.
Give Me Back My Sparkle
By Vlad Tepes
I am, I was, I am no more
By ..........
Crispy Roses and other Deadly Recipies
By Luwannna Grugle

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