Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dalikrab Stew from andrew lasher

Dalikrab Stew

I'm ever so hungry

You know that it's true

All that I want

Is dalikrab stew

To the ocean I go!


The sounds that you make

When you try to scurry away

Serve to remind me how long it's been since I've eaten today

Back to the house!


The waters warm into the pot you go

As the screaming starts you begin to turn a lovely shade of red

The smells you begin to make go right to my head


With appetite ready and fork in hand

Waiting a second longer is more than I can stand

As much as I want dalikrab stew I decide to just boil you


As your noises diminish and suddenly stop

So does movement inside the pot

Losing as little time as I am able

I bring you to your place of honor at the table


As I close my eyes to take in the smell

Somehow you awaken

And run like hell


You're as quiet as a mouse

And apparently twice as smart

Since I can't find you anywhere in the house

Angry I am


Wherever you are

Whatever you do

Don't ever forget

I'm hunting for you!

Inspired by Vincent Price, crabs, and ambien.

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