Monday, April 4, 2011

Vroom! from andrew lasher

Here's another piece I made this morning.
Inspired by more ambien and "red things"



Hey lady in red

So you didn't think I

Saw you over there

Came up to introduce myself

I think it went well

I hope it went well

Oh what do you know?

It went well!


My friends and family always warned me that you were bad news

Only wanted my money

Would leave me in the end

Your friends always told you I only cared about your looks and wouldn't treat you right

When the going got tough I'd throw on my dancing shoes and dance into the night

These bitter people who always try to ruin it for others

Who needs them?

I don't need them

We don't need them

Forget about them!


I convinced you to come back home with me

Make it an extended stay

And that's how we began to live like this today

Oh we have our share of problems and we've had our shares of fun

But I think its going well

Seems ok

Must be going well

Wheels keep on turning


It's been a couple of years since then

Almost as happy as when we first met

Spending the days just chasing the sun and pursuing the light at night

I'm not as young as those old days and you're slowing down,

But we're doing fine

We're doing just fine.

Fine fine fine

But every now and then I find my eye a-straying

Those wheels they try to turn but aren't as fast


About a decade later and things have not changed for the better

We both have really shown our age

I'm still hanging in there but time has not been kind to you

You're always getting sick having to get checked out more and more

And those friends of old are back now singing a different tune: leave her

Those wheels are barely turning these days


Well just as before I ignore those vipers and decide to stand by you as you fall apart

We visit place after place to try to find out what's wrong until the last doc says: it's a matter of days

Sure enough we're going on vacation when you collapse on the side of the road

I try everything I can think of to get you to hang on but it's too late

Much too late

Oh they all tried to tell me

But now it's too late

Now the wheels are no longer turning at all


After I bury you in accordance with your wishes

I mope around for a time but then I see her

Right over here

Got to talk to her

Going to go introduce myself

I'm going to drive a corvette!

I think it's going well

I hope it's going well

Oh what do you know?

It went well!


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