Friday, March 30, 2012

Dalikrab Day by Cisternachyli

a holiday for nothing.
celebrate it yesterday if you want to
and make tomorrow its 50th anniversary.

wear a mustache
on your hind quarters
and speak only in sexual gestures.
have a translator present.

every dalikrab day
needs what every other
dalikrab day was missing.
to make this easy on you
i will tell you that every
dalikrab day so far has
been missing everything.

light incense made from cow manure
and filter your water with the

put that in your pipe that is not a pipe and smoke it.

draw from imagery that has nothing
to do with you. like nudity.

leave the house for once but remain
under the same umbrella.

praise our leaders with signs of support:
"i have a mustache on my bottom!"
"you and i have a lot in common!"
"may i eat your dog too?"
"life has not been the same since i saw your sex tape!"


  1. ha thanks for posting this, i'm the dude who wrote it. you get it from deviantart?

    1. hey dude who wrote it haha yeah I knew it was you because last year you participated and told me you wrote it and had a link to it :)

      i don't remember if i found it before hand but i wanted to make sure it was part of the collection although it should really be in 2010s collection but as long as its here i am happy!