Friday, April 6, 2012

DkD #6?

surely, is it,      could it be,       i think it is
but do my eyes stalks deceive
it is....                   IT's    DALIKRAB DAY 7

wow.... as the gears slowly turn, the claw machine known as Dalikrab Day is still inspiring new pieces from excellent artisans. I still hear the whispering of art to come from artists haplessly to busy to produce something sooner. That's ok... because Dalikrab Day goes on and on and on until the crab has run off with the corpse of Salvador Dali. Yet I have not seen a second wind.. that would a thing to behold, no the doctor regenerate after a week say and start all over a new with a flurry of pieces. the thought is staggering.

as we go through day 7 - anyone got any dalikrab day zombie art? we have not had any zombie art in dalikrab in all these years i think and its all the rage....

today's challenge...
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