Monday, April 2, 2012

Five Clues by Justynn Tyme

Hi! CooCoo #1              Hya Kew! #2              High Coo! #3

In  the  shining               Water Falls             walking on points  
sun / zoo \  chi                     over                   sproinging
dalikrab comb               butt pinching            dripplinging
mustaches                          claws                  melon balls

Eye Cue! #4                                         Lie Cruel #4

Bulging / Bugging / Lazy                   Inside 
Staring eyes                                    crusty crude crustaceans
What Deranged I-D- EEls               are tea cozys, light bulbs
populate its                                     snotty tissues, rock boxes
Crazy brain                                      and dirty hoses

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