Sunday, April 1, 2012


2012 is KMJK
on my keyboard

2012 is the day
of the end of the Tzolkin & Haab

2012 is the Great Cycle
closing, the sun turning around

and saying, "Boo!" 

2012 on the 33rd of March
is when DK marches

from extraterrestrial hearthstones
to Shrimp Chips

Dali Lobster Day, Dali Shrimp Day
Dali Clam Day, Dali Lamb Day

2012 is the time
when everyone should pick up the pen

revolution on brain, firepower on tongue
and iajs btvbyth (جعل, 開始)  away

1 comment:

  1. BOO! haha My favorite other dali day is daliClam day i celebrate by buying clams at the store and driving to the beach and throw them back into the water. thank you, for this, mysterious stranger :)

    and i say "more!"