Monday, April 2, 2012

I'M A Dalikrab #1 by Justynn Tyme

Hey, Hey, Hey!
Hey! Hey!

I'm Crab!  
               I'm a Krab!!
                                  I'm a Crab!!!
                I'm a Clam Jam Damn Dalikrab!!

It costed $12 and He didn't eat the freezer fries!
Here come a lute, full of boots, which are full of lutes notes.
One Note says: BoOOo!
Two Notes Say: BoOo! BOoO!
Three notes say: BoOoOoOoOo!
One Note says: HELLO!!

I'm a Clam.                I'm a Lamb?                     I'm a Ram!
Ook Ook Kah Choo - choo choo choo choo choo choo
                         ALL A PLANK!

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