Monday, April 1, 2013

Dalikrab Day 2: The Challenge

Welcome to day two of the festivities... lets home you have the day
off today and are itching to make more art... I know I am.... and i
already have more things to post.

Although, today might be consider day 1 since yesterday was Easter...
funny not Easter reference this year.I remember last year charles rice
goff III posted a basket full of dalikrab eggs, which all hatched into
the kardashins.

Yesterday .. Day 1 was a pure delight. One call it many things.
"The day meme's came to dali town"
"The Mutation of Justynn Tyme"
"At The Mountains of Mash

well, I am sticking out my neck again by posting more pictures of
myself in my attempt to start a trend of people posting themselves
making dalikrab day pieces. all frog legs aside please post yourselves
in the process, because next year maybe we can set up mini-workshops
for dalikrab day! plans fell through this year but next year is
solidly planned out.


Any Giant Monster Dalikrab Art not matter how abstract or surreal or
whatever will be featured on all three of the ALL-OUT MONSTER REVOLT
blogs and website for people to enjoy and use as wallpaper. make sure
you sign them so they can find you if they want more.... if you care
to be known.

onward and upward and
wear doilies on your knees

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