Monday, April 15, 2013

Remix from Tyme to Tynessa

Dali Krab D

Ali G Khan get


In Pussy, get

Krab through the closet, get

Reconsidered for it -- the thought --


Batter no Wine, get

Dali is the Day


You. Remix from Tyme to Tynessa, get

! from Lima to Odessa

Biography of Ralph:
Ham-hocks, the motherfucker said. 
Nah, you're fucking crazy, said the bitch. 
You're a bitch, said the motherfucker.
Hammocks, said the bitch. And don't call me that. 
Fine, suck it right here and now, said the motherfucker. 
Nah, you're fucking crazy. I knew it. Said it before, Rabragore Dhal Lee. Bat fucking crazy. 

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