Monday, April 7, 2014

A Exulted Dalikrab w/ a Hairball? - the happy couple? by Darren Olsen

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  1. Here we are,
    Created by the great wazookie, for the wazookie, and such forth and so off.
    Eternal friends, a hairball and a rubber crab.
    That was until the cat slaughtered me, Mr. Hairball. I miss my Krab buddy.
    All torn up on the living room rug. In pieces, and strewn about like last night's spaghetti fight.
    Just without the marinara sauce.
    Guido was out of town, so no luck on his delicious tomatoey (is that a word?), delight.
    I will be back though really soon though, so never worry. the Eternal Recliner will make me whole again.
    Just like the Potato bug of May festivities, the fleas of June, and Santa Claus
    I cannot be destroyed that easily.
    Rolling around on the floor, picking up more hair,
    I'll bask in the rays of dandruff, sunshine, and bits of dirt,
    and I'd like some soup.
    I need to get my strength up for some very important and engaging engagements.
    Maybe I'll write a book someday about apples and reverse plumbing.
    I hope so.