Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dalikrab Day Performance by JM Reinbold

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at the Newark Arts Alliance's Open Mic Night, I had fun performing my first ever experimental/Dada poem which included sound effects -- yellow castanets -- and audience participation -- shouting "No" at the end of my poem. My performance was in celebration of Dali Krab Day 2014. I read "Krabby Day Dali Poemy," which I wrote for my first Dalikrab Day in 2010. Here's the poem again, if you'd like to read it:

Krabby Daydali Poemy

Daylily orange **clack-clack** hard-shelled **clack-clack** toreador (DUH)

All-seeing eye stalks **clack-clack** winsome undersea **clack-clack** adversary (ACK)

Limber-legged **clack-clack** land clambering **clack-clack** luminosity (LA)

Itinerant imbecilio **clack-clack** imperious **clack-clack** pomposoity (ICK)

Klangorous krustacean **klack-klack** kurious **klack-klack** karnivore (KACK)

Rapacious artisto **clack-clack** ravenous revolutionary **clack-clack** (RAH)

Armored anti-hero **clack-clack** audacious amourio **clack-clack** (ACK)

Barnacled **clack-clack** bravadadoro **clack-clack** maniacal mustachioed mutant! (BAH)

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