Thursday, March 31, 2016

Heideggers Moustache by G David Schwartz

The death, which no one can go thought except "me," was a Heideggerian premise of the Holocaust. Death, which is frequently silent, lonely and anonymous was, during the  Holocaust  assigned death. 
Death became "for you," is the "you" was a mental imparted person, a politico or a Jew.  
Nazism hi lighted  particular "you's," But doing so, creating so many "you's" as mass "you" the death thought which only particular "is"  might go was undergone  trainloads at a time.
Hence, the future is not my time of death, but the time  of anthers reading (seeing, studying ) being. 
The future is aided not by those who would say, "Look to your own death" but those who would say "Read, where and when about you and  our now here ."
The direst expects that his or, and her time will be/become transcended, be nullified. The thinker expects  not nullification with out  transcendence and thus this is an adequate characterization  of the Nazi regime who wished to evade their death and achieve a  thousand year reich by identifying the good and annihilating  the other. 
A  "you' is the enemy. The nazi designed an enemy rather than design a "self."  
Heidegger was ontological a nazi. An ontological nazi whose mustache sig'ed the  F├╝hrer.

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