Friday, March 30, 2018

Neroic Odyssey by Charles Rice Goff III

Emperor Dali and Salvador Dada once met to plan out a baking campaign for multitudes of krab kakes -- to eventually be served as a great gauntlet of sharp-toothed megabytes for wayfaring surfers.   It was suggested at the tyme, that Nero would be the hero of this great adventure, and sure enough, it turned out that way.   The result is presented here, with all the implications that fake news, fire, and fury carry with it -- in other words, the natural world has in no way been altered by this endeavor -- all metamorphoses only happen in our minds.

Photography, Video, Production, Soundtrack, Petting, Etc.

by Charles Rice Goff III

copyright 2018 by Taped Rugs Productions

(Goff knows that you really wanna copy this video and use it sell potato chips, so be careful how you proceed.)

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