Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meatless Mantles Of Dalikrab (ALT) by polykarp kusch

The halls of Handbags versus the hells of bowling ball holes. how neat!

Its incomplete is this, could it be, just maybe it is the easter of insanity. What is dadalikrab day all about? Its about seventy. frumpy. five feet. never twenty gallons of galoots. pantyhose dangling in the trees, trees dangle from giant hosiery, hosiery dangling from, from the, uh, the tails of black, rubber snakes and...

Hey! Use toilet paper for your yonder words, your frozen brie, your dill and bread and the wells of paris. Semicolonic, colonic, commanic choking turkeys; is anything periodically possible? It's never audible. Fit with wax platelets, in danger. drawing on and on and on and one and no, wait... no ne! NE!!

Immediately snap and snap. There go the dalikrabs tip-top-a-tap-e-ing dancing all along the shore. All the while sub-sonic lobsters laugh through speaker so loud, so spoken, now - go be broken. Forget your name.

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