Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meatless Mantles Of Dalikrab by justynn tyme

tic tac tonic sub-sonic colonic jinx
outwardly possible never audible
fruits with platelets are in danger
hotspot pinkle socker drawing on
on on on one no no no ne ne ne
to report to the toxology restort
snap snap snap snap
there go dalikrab tap-e dancing
allong the shore
lines of lobsters
laughing out loud
speaker spoken
go insane
forget your name
wax a pan
set fire to silk
scowl at a house
go into a barn
chickens choking
turkeys toking too
fish fighting
turtles tussling together
what can it all mean, I ask you????
is this, could it be, just maybe it is
what is dadalikrab day all about
its about sevety frumpy five feet
never twenty gallons of galoots
pantyhose dangling in the trees
trees dangle from giant hosery
hosery dangling from dalikrabs
dalikrabs dangling from from uh
the tails of black, rubber snakes
hey yuse, hot pink toilet papper
where is poppycock, finch rinse
half nelson, egg florentine, clock
watcher, and the man with the
xray machine. where is yonder
words, frozen brie, dill bread
and the wells of paris????????
The halls of Handbags veruses
the hells of bowling ball holes
how neat - - - - Its incomplete

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