Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ancient Dalikraken Wrap by Justynn Tyme

Ancient Dalikraken Wrap
Serves: One Second World Population

1 ton of dalikraken meat
150lbs cream of fiorini
500 cups of nelson pisces
30 gallons jon lemon juice
1 square miles of unleavened zilbread
291 bundles of fresh wirts
720 lbs of real tyme
7oz of imported defay-liautard
44 pound of chaz rice
1700 escha romain lettuce leaves
191.6 lbs of polycarp kusch-cous
391 cubic feet of babel

Lure one dalikraken out of the ocean with a crochet hatchet. Once out of the salt water baste ask the mighty dalikraken to die so you can eat him. If the mighty dalikraken concedes remove exoskeleton with tradition t-squares, wielding them like swords. Once the exoskeleton is removed bring two small lakes to a boil. Throw in dalikrab meat, nelson pisces, fresh wirtz, and real tyme. Let simmer for several weeks.

On top of the zilbread, place alternating rows of polycarp kusch-cous, chaz rice and babel. Soak with cream of fiorini and cover with Escha romain lettuce. Smear on a thick coating of imported defay-liautard. Add the hunks of dalikraken meat and sprinkle with jon lemon juice. Heading east, roll up the zilbread tightly then slice into 10 lbs circles and serve with one dave collins

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