Thursday, April 2, 2009

Man With A Carpet (alt) Jon Lemon

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a. Justynn Tyme After Jon Lemon after Justynn Tyme after Jon Lemmon ("has anyone seen my shoes") and missjessicaking (is it!).
did you know, asked fred, that in order to save hostages, human spaces are always stacked hunchbacked. this is how they often become horizontal and hollow, hate courteous people but are always very festive with holidays. their corners, you see, can now turn apple cores. it is also a little known fact that they make great game show dalicrabs. but enough of this, continued Trousers, pulling back up his fred (which had been enjoying some illicit entertainment upon the poker table) and lets get back to the dalicrab ... it must be over by now ...
Oh yes! yelped Ted, but at this rate (three thickens a minute) my mind will never be fixed. Then Ted said to Fred (from the end of the sled) When ARE you going to fix my mind? Phew! spat out Fred, you have a lot of bloody curves to ask such a thing. I'm doing important slant work (sledding!) It takes a lot of effort to say idiot (or moron or fireplace) in this bitter wind. And never forget, said fred, When the daliday comes I'll be alone. True, I have a step-son (called Mary) and I sleep on him daily, but, I get very little money for that; just ask my wife. And so it went, that ted (or fred) had to find a way to get blood back into ted's (?) brain (or at lest back into his feet) dis-creetly.
just then an agreeable wind (dastardly blew) creating a carniverous band  of discouragement that mirrored the funny slants that hung as needles over the heads of ted and fred in bed. quick, shouted ted (quickly to fred because he thought he too was a moron) release your neck before we suffer a great migraine. and so fred did. and the spit that was a gale showed a suitable pair of slacks and with a quick toe billowed quite satisfactorily away. and so, said ted to fred, after he had licked shut his mind (i like that) what about this dalicrab business???
Ahh! said fred to ted, putting back his hat upon his head, now your talking. This, of course, quite puzzled ted, because he wasn't (talking). But to continue, said ted to fred, feeding the cat who sat upon the mat another fat sardine; the dali(crab,) as has already been mentioned, is a (fab)ulous beast - at least fifteen feet from bathroom to cupboard - and always enough blubbord for a sumptuous feast.</div>

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