Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bgi! DEAL! by Jon Lemon

Jon Lemon after M.Rutt

Dead Stir orb Madman, tank you
four your fine coffers, blurb eye musty abstain
frog accepting your kinky monkey as high ham a highly
confused international whom carrot reed orb ride and sniff
eye evening tribed eyed holy fall off. Never-the-least eye tank you and
sue-chest dab you detonate the monkey two Charity, frog sheeps
a nice curl and certainly kneads the johnny cash. and soap,
good buy for never, yours in grata-tubes, jon lemmon;
originator orb theeJABBERwockyEXPERIMINT
(Glasgow) England approximately.

"has anyone seen my shoes?"

> ***CONGa-RAT-fut-ULATION***
> The Unknighted dalirab Kingdom Notional Loottery wishes to defrock you with the results of this year amazing anus of year bullocks pottery using an international peegram held by a Great Britain who has been denounced. Your email accounts have been phucked as a winner of a lump of crab spum splayed out of Eight hundred and ninty-one thousand, nine hundred and thirty-four Great Britains (891,934.00 people) in cash or accredited to file REF NO. no F:UKL/74-A0802742006. This is from topal sprize mooney of GaP 4,459,670.00 shared among the FIVE (5) international arseholes in theory.
> To begin your claim, please contact your claims agent:
> Mr Mucus Morose.
> Flex: +45-555 555 8063 101000100100100100010000000110101010010101010100010101010
> *Name of Beneficiary: me
> *Address: hello stinkhole
> *City/State: drugery
> *Nationality: bastard
> *Sex: self
> *Email Address: haha
> *Tel: who
> *Occupation: jerk
> *Next of Kin: poopstain
> *Age: dada dark

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