Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Dalikrab Letter From Darren Olsen

I am typing this all with my pinky fingers, and that is is
no lie. Okay, so now I'm tired of it and I give that a
raspberry. I spit on pinky fingers that are my own.
I am hip to the Dali Krab. He sings to me in supermarket
aisles as I waltz around food to Led Zeppelin tunes played
over the overhead speakers next to the cameras for for finer
scrutiny of all shoppers. It makes them feel like just like
home except for me.

I will go to a thrift shop to find the best plate to be all
smashed to crap. Either that, or I will have my brother get
me one since he lives next to a thrift shop.
I will buy canned Krab only to leave it on a bus stop for
to liberate HIS spirit. Someone will eat of it. Maybe they
will "Feel the Power!" Ah haha!

I will do my best of obtaining a pic of said oh canned
spirit Krab sitting on a bus stop bench just waiting. And
waiting, and waiting, waiting until the bus comes. I don't
think HE will have the correct change however since I think
the Dali Krab is from Norway. He hangs with the his most
esteemed Holiness, The King Herring.

Lots of parties, women, mall openings, and software
development releases like: "Grand Herring III, Fishes
revenge". So a little bat told me.

Yours insanely,

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