Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Sided Interview By Darren Olsen

A one sided interview, if you will.

Just who is this "Dalikrab" Is he/she/it the reincarnation
of many Krabs that have met their match at a processing
plant only to end up in a can on a supermarket shelf?

If so, can we find 'Ultimate Spirituality" in a can?

Do we have to smash plates on "Dalikrab Day"?

If we can find Ultimate Spirituality in a can? And when we
have no plates after smashing all of them, what do we do to
consume our leader? I don't think paper plates would be
fitting for such a high spiritual leader.

Is fake Krab as good as real Krab on this holy occasion?

Are the Red Sox going to win another World Series?

Do I really need "Just for Men" hair coloring?

We really want to know out here in Kalifornia before we don
robes and dance around in airports while waving canned
"Krab" at people.

I guess I'll light my hair on fire as usual, and wrap
myself in the "suit of many Christmas lights" just to be on
the safe side. That, and I think I'll vacuum the house.

Ammonia D (my rap moniker)
aka Darren

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