Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Golly dada-gribble HayDay by Justynn Tyme

Grabb'd hay? No, Grabb'd a bidet. Grass in a buffet, / what no go up that goal pole eek! Dada Lee's cab, you say? Stall leak drab bay? / oh yay dim dolly crap freak ole'  No, no! Tall ego rabid day! Donny grabb'd Fay? / yes, yes, yes, yes lindt language only Getting clothes! Gouda legal scabb'd this way? No, / hey diego; rapido tits dooly keg way. no, this whey, that whey! Dawn, he cracked Buddy / go three street back the otters whee  Ray? Abracadabra, you say? No, no, no! then again knotting whiz sat on sticks and stones. .......xXx ...... figure WAT! out.

by justynn tyme after roboto montillo after robert montilla

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