Wednesday, March 31, 2010

juxtabe sure you love me by Robyn Field / J.D. Nelson

her bee tanned heart was softer than moses, whose vitamin tablets were chewable. his. apparently sucked her thru like the river he chewed her life away thru that straw. o ya, it sucked. thoroughly. amber emerald, a pocket wah, a pocket wah, a pocket watch. ticking that doc was under the influenza vagina. he thought you had tourette's. sucrets, alarm clack und clock. vegetable english, street exam. that smoked white fish on my lover's lips had the faintly calming sore remedy my ass needed. indigo ufo below. radio aztec static. square coins. visions of cootie. my heart races. i am so afraid to even pretend i don't see that . those those. what, u huh. valentine blog. she is my dolly face crab. linked in, facing books. and. as alway. i put the tv dinners in the ufo and spatz the splnggz for our splitz. however, i am forever grateful for paris hilton, and her little dog, too. i wear my hair in neat as i make ur ham on a hog toast brake fast. shining eye land, a miracle of breakdance toast. u like this crab suit? thirty-nine bucks at the thirty-nine dollar store. ropes of: licorice, holiday lights, white limes. a startled jonathan livingston seagull w/ dallas cap. bach pukes at this thought of 38. he settles never. i say we book a room w rockie and make a sammy w her. ok. ok. never even question or answer, ya know why? i will eat you alive. that was why he had hid behind that bush for 20 years, moses was all hidey. walrus charts, expected catalog but dust with graham crusher, olive oil anointed dome with cowboy sideburns. this little egg is the universe. we are tiny blue crabs, smaller than the sparkles hovering above the surface. life downtown or a group of miceless manx cats, real smooth jazz juice. joe joe knew me, tho, that lil skimmed milk kneed guppy cried, again to whomever listened. this time. she said she was great and she, with the help of paul, grew into a bigger fish, now she is eating you up. with a side of mimosa and tartar sauce. sausage lynx? gel is afro the van, minnow of time in painting episode but earth gets a hovering mothership again. knock on the back door of my third eye and here is a shrimp with the biscuits and knightly news: never judge their ability to caressing me. nothing in his words will change my world. i strive to be the best fly fisher across the universe. i want to be on tv. i want to be in your freezer. i want you to sing my song. i want you to think about my fish that i caught in reverie for your song. spocky skull, soda bee. the camping hat (felt, flannel, moss) ireland spokes and cold fire, really. freezing teeth. jungle was a clue and the dice as an example – i prefer the translucent green ones. dali kraps dave. snow machine with fork as pillow and ears of detergent? i love paul. l love john. george wins because. u knew i was a giver in my faint desire to smell the air of my freedom. you saw it before and i continued to sail when you knew i was on that sea of socks and a path only known to us. cranberry saucers. eye am the wall, russ. a skinny ankh? asps asap! cloned alive this time. tuna can and palmolive loaf, suddenly salad and/or salt. however. but we all shine on. like red ball!

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