Wednesday, March 31, 2010

m DALI bs by Robyn Field / J.D. Nelson

after all the Earths?

fall up to the river. sky why?

famines tone. AREA CODEX.

tampoon lollipops make them shine.

Jeff is sick. I saw a magnetic picture in a brook.

my bones normally smell like fish but instead i sprinkled lemon and made gremolata calcium dust.

recently: I've been eggwich. salve a door.

(walking to the beat of your old fruit jars in our overcoat) E. Tan Key is making lunch with Salve A. Door.

Roald Dahl E. Maddest hen.

the children ran from my foot drenched sunshine under the mistoe where the beanstack meets the sidewalk where the moon says, "goodnight."



artoo unit.

stack is a basket bawl great that was hiding behind the bush. i saw his third eye when he skinned his knee.

Ella faint. Echo Park. park park park --- park.

peter pank diner. silver fish lake echoes the madonna of your reveries. hey! that one, toes!

Our Lady. vowel chasm. C.

speakins zee visdom?

wu tangs olde yakky. Sp.

"laptops lower a man's sperm count," she shouted through the cacophony of the monastery.

her third eye continued to bleed, however.

teletype paper view. I scubbled re: SIXERS

next time . . . bleeders can't choose, they fart sunshine thru the intestines of time.
and carl will attest to that.

Eric Carr will. Carvel's. junior jazz. nothin wrong with an Idaho muffin, took all week and the Sheriff ain't bluffin, AH-ooo. Ah-ooo.

Carl Say Again?

he dusted that roll and went out to that okay coral and shot that sand tadder right between the raddlesnake eyes he fancied for himself, on that magical cufflink.

owl of era. command x. arapahoe. ankh.

behind naropa there lies her eyes. full of laughter and that wet owl cried. why?

see salt. ORION ORE-IDA. scalp betweens. arrow to the sun.

jackfruit saved my life ya know. i promised i would before he ate crow. never in my life i heard that sound. it was bliss in a basket.

thank puzzles. CROW viking, zine scooby. a randolph p. chickenwing earth tone togg, togg, togg.

tick doc. i need more painkillers!

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