Thursday, April 1, 2010

Project 496 x 691-362 by Justynn Tyme

Project 496 x 691-362
Read all of the following and react to it as naturally as you are capable.  Having noted your initial reaction answer the questions which follow the following.

Question 1: What do you feel?
Answer    4: I feel like my belly is full of noxious gases and dirty doormats.

Question 2: Are Francis and Sam deviants?  Why?
Answer  1f: well no. this is a new world full of relevant things.
Answer 3b: Because everything is irrelevant.

Question 3: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Answer  10: because a writing is desk is like a mechanical bull.

Question 4: Why do you feel?
Answer    4: I feel therefore I am in a minimum security prism.

Also Question 4: Are you aroused?
Otherwise Answered:  Yes. I was a sleep.

Question 16: Has anyone seen my pajamas?
Answer   11:  They are in the canal.

Question 1.5: What do you feel?  Explain.
Question 2.7: and how is that feeling affect by rice tarts.

Question 0: What is the question?
Answer  00: what about the dalikrab?

These questions were answered in conjunction with the national dalkrab foundation who believes in the unifying love between Sam and Francis. We hope Francis will grow up and marry a nice girl and move to Clarksville and open a hardware store. We also hope Sam meets someone nice too and decide to go to the grocery store together someday and buy a can of artichoke hearts.  All proceeds benefits randy wild turkeys.

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